29 Feb 2012


It has come to our attention that Ryanair/StJames Management are placing a high level of recruitment adverts
all over the Internet at present as a direct result of Ryanairdontcare's Campaign which has hit Ryanair's cabin crew recruitment..Gumtree is a popular site for Ryanair scammers to recruit from with the ''LIVE THE HIGH LIFE'' Moto which is a Lie....Exploiting young people wishing to become cabin crew is the real SCAM...

John said,
My restraining order will be over very soon and Protests will continue at St James Management..
Look at the real ''live the high life'' below

As you will see '' St James Management are an approved Ryanair recruitment partner''

St James Management are now a recruiter only and not a cabin crew trainer as stated by Ryanair...Ryanair have sent letters to me saying St James Management are the trainers of cabin crew which is a lie.
For three years i have been saying this .......ryanair train you as cabin crew,St James Management take payment as to keep any issues away from O'Leary and Bonderman.....
Not to worry i have issues and they are at O'Leary and Bonderman's door...

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