7 Mar 2012

Free Our Children from Exploitation RYANAIR WEEK OF ACTION 12th March till 18th March SUPPORTED BY ANFIELD SCANDAL...THE HOME OF LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB...www.anfieldscandal.com

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been sent the first good luck and support from Anfield Scandal for our week of action 12th March till 18th March.

This is to state that we at AnfieldScandal enthusiastically support Mr Foley and The RyanAirDontCare Campaign.
We wish you well with your legal and peaceful week of Action
Free Our Children from Exploitation
Your Very Own..........Walk Alone

John said,
Thank you http://www.anfieldscandal.com/ for your support with our European week of action against Ryanair which is the first to ever take place.Anfield Scandal sums it up, ''Free Our Children from Exploitation''.

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