8 Mar 2012

RYANAIR BOYCOTT 12th till 18th MARCH 2012 FROM http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/ ...ARE YOU WATCHING DAVID BONDERMAN and MICHAEL O'LEARY...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are pleased to say http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/ have joined our week of action to Boycott Ryanair 12th till 18th March 2012.....They will not send visitors to the Ryanair website for this week in support of Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew.... http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/  have also set up a page for testimonials from Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew which Ryanairdontcare Campaign support..... http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/fired_by_ryanair
Below is the email from http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/ 

Hi John,

I wrote you an email last week but I got no reply. I am aware of your trial, but I hope you are ok otherwise and you will continue your protest, according to the laws.

We, at LowCostRoutes are committed to support the Week of Action Against Ryanair. During the next week, we will inform all our visitors wishing to book Ryanair flight tickets about this and will not send them to the Ryanair's website. We also started a campaign of gathering testimonials from persons abused by Ryanair. We encourage every person hired and terminated by Ryanair during the probationary period to write a testimonial about it at http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/fired_by_ryanair . In order to protect the identity, every person can hide his/hers personal details, so that this testimonial will not have an impact on their career.

By gathering all these testimonials, we can make a difference! It will be easier to STAND and say clearly "it's not about only one person, Sarah was not an exception. It's about thousands of persons that received this treatment from Ryanair!" I will also try to bring the testimonials list in the attention of the press, so that they can easily figure out how big it is and pick some testimonials to publish. Hopefully, the authorities will finally be forced to do something about it.

Can you please ask Sarah to write her testimonial and forward it to other persons you know? I managed to get a few testimonials so far, but we need to gather as many as possible!

Let's hope we can change this!

Best Regards,
......................- LowCostRoutes.com

John said,
I wish to personally thank http://www.lowcostroutes.com/en/ for their support for the week of action 12th till 18th March 2012....Message to David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary ''Doomed To Fail'' are you sure...


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