5 Mar 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder member John Foley was given an interim ASBO by  Judge David Fletcher in Liverpool today....The full ASBO hearing will take place April 2012.An interim ASBO is put in place before a full ASBO is given....St James Management recruiters for Ryanair who scam young people are mentioned in the ASBO file as well as RYANAIR and CREWLINK.....
We would like to point out that handcuffing yourself to a goal post is more news worthy than young people getting commercially abused for years by Ryanair for profit..This is a sad reflection of the press in the UK at present..Local BBC and newspaper press were in attendance today all over a goal post protest......I must say i am very disappointed with the UK press as there is a bigger picture with many victims,which have no voice in UK press at present....The BBC Radio on many occasions in the UK have Michael O'Leary and other Ryanair management plugging their airline,free publicity to Ryanair exploiters of crew but never letting John Foley's voice being heard..Right to reply does not apply when it comes to the Ryanair Recruitment SCAM.
John Foley kept his cool talking to the press but in theory he wanted to say two words only,second being off...
The positive thing which has come from these court dates is simply,many young people wishing to become cabin crew are staying away from Ryanair which may be worth an ASBO in the end..
Below is the interim ASBO granted by Judge David Fletcher.Flick on the photo to enlarge.

     Below is a Press Photo of Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Banner outside court which was published in the local press ''Michael''....As a result we have had a high level of hits to our Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog.
''Doomed to Fail''.

John said,..I do understand some parts of the law of this land but must express my concerns about the power of these courts...As stated by Judge Flecher Quote '' I will not let this court case be a platform for publicity for your Campaign Mr Foley''
This court case is about our Campaign Judge Flecher which is the platform and the only voice for Terminated probationary cabin crew at Ryanair..The exploitation of all crew at Ryanair is important and my priority.
If  Governments and  Aviation Authorities did their job properly then past court cases,this court case and future court cases would not have existed.
Judge Flecher did point out issues regarding the Ryanair Chase Protest in 2011 and made a reference to Emily Wilding Davison supporter of the Women's Social and Political Union who stepped in front of a horse running at Epsom in 1913.....
This Interim ASBO does not apply in Ireland...

Week Of Action Against Ryanair 12th till 18th March 2012.We have been given the front widow display for this week of action from News From Nowere in Bold Street Liverpool...Members of the public in their thousands will see our Boycott Ryanair display which will consist of ???????????Not to be missed...


Anonymous said...

You will have to change your methods of protest John. Don't put yourself at risk.
The cause is great but it is not worth going to prison for.
Keep the direction but rethink your tools of social persuasion. If you play by rules you may gain a bigger support.
You have done a great job so far but neither we nor your family want to see you behind the bars.
In this case you have to comply.

John Foley.... said...

Above comment.Thank you for your kind words..They mean so much to me...
Yes you are correct but we are dealing with Ryanair who break all the rules to exploit and make millions each year.Ryanair have corrupt management which caters for this scam.
Governments are only interested in Job numbers and are not interested in Termination rates or safety of crew and passengers on board each and every Ryanair flight...As for social persuasion,Ryanair have the edge with so called cheap flights to which i can not compete..As for recruitment of young people to become cabin crew i have the edge.
As for jail,this is not about me,this is about all young people getting their young lives damaged for Profit by Ryanair.I never want myself to be the talking point but what i stand for,Recruitment for Termination of thousands of young who only wanted to become cabin crew which includes my own child to which i would do anything for...How far would a father go for his child ''I ASK ALL'',my answer is all the way.If a custodial sentence is placed on me by the courts that is part and parcel of my own personal campaign against O'Leary and Bonderman...
My child at 18 years old was cheated,commercially abused,bullied,left penniless in a foreign land with no way home,bad job reference after protests started all by Ryanair for profit...I will not except not doing 100% to fight the evil Management and Board members at Ryanair...They, Ryanair have a fight on their hands,3 years 5 years,10 years,as long as it takes..Protests will continue in the UK and Ireland. Ryanair'''''' more to come from Ryanairdontcare Campaign...''Guaranteed'

John Foley.... said...

Greater Manchester Police ( 1 returning visit
Manchester, United Kingdom Show Full URLs

6 Mar 07:34:13 ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/2012/03/ryanairs-michael-oleary-should-not-be.html
www.google.co.uk — ryanair don't care
6 Mar 10:39:45 ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/
www.google.co.uk — ryanair don't care
6 Mar 10:41:22 ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/
(No referring link)
6 Mar 10:43:42
(No referring link)
6 Mar 10:52:12 file:///S:/public/HUB/Domestic%20Extremism/Ryan%20Air/EUROPE'S%20GREATEST%20TRAINING%20ROBBERS%20OF%20CABIN%20CREW%20''%20RYANAIR.mht
(No referring link)
6 Mar 15:27:34 file:///S:/public/HUB/Domestic%20Extremism/Ryan%20Air/EUROPE'S%20GREATEST%20TRAINING%20ROBBERS%20OF%20CABIN%20CREW%20''%20RYANAIR.mht

Above is the tracking of manchester police on our blog today..Think they need to worry about safety at manchester airprt regarding Ryanair crew and not peaceful protests...

Anonymous said...

You need to play by the rules John. There are other ways to protest, not necessarily climbing the roofs or cuffing oneself to a goal post. Explore other possibilities. Ask judges and police what are in their opinion pro-social ways of organizing and staging a peaceful protest that they are willing to support and protect.
Ask their own opinion of what are the peaceful actions that they are willing to be supportive and protective of. Let them give you a clear answer and clear definition of what in their eyes is pro-social in terms of a peaceful protest. This is a democracy after all you have a right to express your views. If you protest through the right channels and right venues you may have a bigger impact.
If you want to expose someone who doesn't play by the rules, you have to play by the rules yourself.
Good luck and thank you for your campaign. But please don't put yourself at risk.