13 Jul 2012

Cabin Crew jobs: Latest opportunities from CABINCREW.COM Who help EXPLOIT Young Cabin Crew For RYANAIR STJAMES MANAGEMENT Will SCAM You...BOYCOTT WORKING RYANAIR...

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can inform students wishing to become cabin crew to stay clear of cabincrew.com when it comes to Ryanair....
Ryanair use a company called StJames Management to offer training over the Internet.
The training is conducted by Ryanair,St James Management are the recruiters.
StJames Management pay cabincrew.com to post adverts which relate to Ryanair cabin crew training which can cost up to 3000 euro.Ryanair StJames moto  LIVE THE HIGH LIFE is simply a Lie to exploit you.
Here is the advert below that is placed on cabincrew.com which Ryanair/StJames have paid for..

Cabin Crew jobs: Latest opportunities

Ryanair seeks friendly, outgoing people 
Ryanair is looking for enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing people to join its ranks and enjoy “a job that gives you wings”. 

Ryanair currently has a team of more than 8,500 people and expects to carry 75 million passengers in the current fiscal year.

The airline is looking for enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing people to join its winning team. Ryanair’s training company, Ryanair St James, runs regular recruitment days at London Stansted and is currently recruiting for positions in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Please click here for further details of Ryanair’s cabin crew training courses, requirements and an online application form.

John said,
As you can see cabincrew.com is the main recruitment site used by Ryanair to scam young people wishing to become cabin crew.We are coming into the busiest time for all airlines and all airlines will have recruited for the summer and recruitment will become very much lower after the summer months unless you are Ryanair that is..Do not be fooled into believing Ryanair are so busy and need extra cabin crew because this is not 100%  true .What is true is Ryanair need to recruit all year round because Ryanair have a policy to Terminate as many probationary cabin crew as they recruit.The more that they can recruit the more will have issues put in place regarding their attendance.. False no-shows,lates and sick days are placed on your file by Ryanair's crew control which works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
New recruits are treated very nice until you hand over your money for training,then it is all down hill..
Ryanair last year had a TERMINATION rate up to 60% of new recruits in the first 12 months.all paying up to 3000 euro to train...OPEN Your Eyes...
If you are Terminated by Ryanair your career in
aviation will be damaged forever.All airlines ask for a 5 year work/study record...Question to ask yourself..........which airline would take you on as cabin crew if your TERMINATE by Ryanair Answer 

All airlines will contact Ryanair for a work reference and Ryanair will inform them of your Termination....Time to wake up and boycott Ryanair.............
John said,
I can confirm why i know this information regarding Termination reference above...Many Terminated Ryanair cabin crew have informed Ryanairdontcare Campaign..

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