8 Jul 2012


       Irish Aviation Authority Harassment Lie
                              PROTEST 2

John said,
Protest 5 which took place on 5th July 2012 outside the Irish Aviation Authority's head office The Times Building,11-12 D'Olier Street, Dublin.
I arrived outside the IAA at 9.50am and started  again to place my banners outside the main window of the Irish Aviation Authority and was approached by a middle aged  gentleman who worked for the Irish Aviation Authority.He informed me that he had no problem with my protest and he was aware of the protest the day before.He started to chat to me about the Ryanair Chase protest i did at Cheltenham in 2011 and informed me he was a personal friend of jockey AP McCoy and said McCoy had said he could have killed me on my protest in 2011..I an not sure why this Irish Aviation Authority employer thought to tell me this.
After a 20 minute period along came Garda Sergeant O,Mara B65 again with a colleague.I was not going to let this officer disrupt my protest again so i asked for his superiors details as i was going to make a complaint regarding the harassment he had talked about the day before.I was allowed to protest as long as i took the banners away which i did.I did inform these two Garda police officers that i had met the Irish prime minister the day before to which Sergeant O,Mara B65 inform me the Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny did not like him,after meeting Sergeant O,Mara B65  i can understand why !!!!!! I must say i did shake the hand of his colleague as i thought he was very decent with regards my protest.
I was approached and talked to by 3 members of staff from the IAA whilst i did this 2nd protest. Only thought later on that maybe talking to these IAA staff was what they needed for the Harassment the day before...Food For Thought.....

                                         Photo of 2nd Protest outside Irish Aviation Authority 

                              Ryanair Head Office
                        ''O'Leary Shy''

Protest 6,

At 12.15pm i left the IAA and started to head towards Dublin airport were my final protest would take place.The venue was Ryanair's head office which i was looking forward to..I arrived at 3.20pm outside Ryanair's head office were i saw 5 Ryanair mini bus van which take crew to the aircraft and to be honest they looked so shabby and dirty.Never mind second hand they looked 10th hand.I place the new Ryanairdontcare Campaign's business card under the window wipers of 4 vans then placed 2 banners to the side of the main entrance. Mega phone in hand i started to talk and direct ''good afternoon'' to Mr O'Leary as i stood in front of the building.As i was on the mega phone loads of people walking by started to take photos from their phones which was great..I would say about 12 windows opened from all levels and staff started to look out and take photos..After a few minutes two young guys came out to confront me and asked me what i was doing..What i was doing errrr ''not so sure guys''.
I think senior management sent these two under studies out as they were all a bit shy...Mr O'Leary being shy !!!!!!!!

    Photos outside Head Office of Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Young People Ryanair

One of these guys phoned the Police then started talking to me.Then the guy who called the police asked did i support Liverpool F C to which i said are you for real...(had a lfc cap on my head).Then they both started talking to each other about Kenny Daglish being Terminated..One guy said, Quote ''I don't care about terminated cabin crew,i don't care about your campaign as Ryanair pay my mortgage..
As you can see being trained by Mr O'Leary himself....
He also asked my who was the other photo on the banner,David Bonderman i said then mega phone in hand started shouting for Eddie ''Terminator'' Wilson...
After about 10 mins the airport Police arrived,two cars with three officers.Officer  Gary Whelan 77296 asked me to remove the banners from the entrance of Ryanair which i did.I started to walk towards the Police cars to say to all the officers that i wanted to speak with their superior officer in charge,to which Gary Whelan 77296 informed me he was on his way..At this point these three Police officers stood in front of me and as i looked towards Ryanair's main entrance door i could see Darrell Hughes coming out at last,only when the Police arrived...See Hughes the last time he talked to Ryanairdontcare Campaign below.

                    Airport Police Shocker 

What happened next shocked me.Airport Police Officer Kieth Predon 38326 (not sure if this is his surname)
was about to SHOCK...
'' Ryanairdontcare Campaign  was set up in 2008 after my child Sarah was Recruited by St James Management over the Internet,passed on to Crewlink who in tail passed her on to Ryanair to work as probationary cabin crew only to be Terminated after only 7 weeks for attendance issues which are lies.Left in a foreign land,penniless with now way home..After weeks of research and talking personally to other Terminated young probationary Ryanair cabin crew a pattern started to appear.Ryanair were charging up to 3000 euro to train as cabin crew only for a high % being Terminated before a 12 month period,most being before 6 months.After contacting the Irish government regarding this i was informed no legal employment protection was in place under 12 months....Very clever of Ryanair so they thought,then Ryanairdontcare Campaign was formed with high level protests in Dublin and the UK to inform young people to stay away from Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR''.Recruitment For Termination...Four years on and still going strong with no funds or help from others just a fathers love....''.HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR YOUR CHILD ''All The Way''??????................

Airport Police Officer Kieth Predon 38326 say Quote'' Some people may be alarmed and could be distresses by the wording Children on your t-shirt and banner'' to which i asked him to explain what he meant.At this point he said the wording Children to which i stated i am a father whose child was recruitment scammed by Ryanair and that is why the word children is on the banner and T-Shirt.I asked this Police Officer was he making reference to pedophilia to which he told me to stop putting words in his mouth ''I was Shocked by this'' and one of the Police officers walked away as he informed me under by-law blar blar blar to leave the airport at once or he would arrest me.I squared up to this officer and confronted him and asked to speak to his superior officer to which i was again told to leave the airport.Before i left i took the names and numbers of both Police officers....
As i was leaving the airport i wasn't angry i was very upset at what this Police officer was trying to say about Ryanairdontcare Campaign..Many have tried and will continue to discredit the Ryanairdontcare  Campaign for the simple reason Ryanair are making huge amounts of money out of Terminations and i am the only one fighting this evil trade.
The Garda Police also spoke to me but were only interested in me leaving the airport.
A complain will be sent to the Airport Police and a return visit to Dublin is planned..

If you are Terminated by Ryanair your career in
aviation will be damaged forever.All airlines ask for a 5 year work/study record...Question to ask yourself..........which airline would take you on as cabin crew if your TERMINATE by Ryanair Answer 

All airlines will contact Ryanair for a work reference and Ryanair will inform them of your Termination....Time to wake up and boycott Ryanair.............
John said,
I can confirm why i know this information regarding Termination reference above...Many Terminated Ryanair cabin crew have informed Ryanairdontcare Campaign..

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