20 Jul 2012

RYANAIR'S New Joiners Allowance SCAM...WAKE Up STUDENTS WISHING TO BE CABIN CREW..STAY Away From RYANAIR,CREWLINK,DALMAC,StJAMES MANAGEMENT & CAVOK...... Ryanair Use Ryanair Cabin Crew To Monitor Aviation Forums And Answer To New Recruits..CABINCREW.COM Main Forum With RYANAIR ADVERTS Placed On This Site....

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm the New Joiners Allowance set up by Ryanair to encourage young people to join Europe's Greatest Exploiters Of Young People ''RYANAIR'' is a Scam and a  Con.
This New Joiners Allowance is in place to justify the training fee plus convince new recruits Ryanair are a loving company to work for.How kind are they at Ryanair, true being they are NOT.

As we all know by Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Blog, which has 150,000 visitors in just over one year and we are not selling anything.Ryanair's so called third party providers are TAKING even more money from new recruited probationary Ryanair cabin crew.

As you will read on the Ryanair/Crewlink website,
A ‘New Joiners Allowance’ - an extra €1,200 paid over first 6 months at the start of your new career.

As you will read on the Ryanair/ Dalmac website,
Ryanair will pay you a New Joiners Allowance of €1200 in your first 6 months of work. This is a bonus of €1200 which will be paid into your salary.

As you will read on the Ryanair/StJames  website,
New Crew on Permanent Contracts are entitled to receive a New Joiners Allowance. This is an allowance of £1000 (€1200) paid to you over and above your normal salary during the first 6 months of your employment.

As you will see on the Ryanair/Cavok website,
  • New Joiners Allowance (in addition to your salary):
    • 250€ in the first month.
    • 250€ in the second month.
    • 400€ in the sixth month.

As you can see the 3 scamming so call third party companies Crewlink,Dalmac and StJames Management pay New Joiners Allowance of €1200 and Ryanair/Cavok  New Joiners Allowance is €900.................As you can see


'' Taken By Ryanair/Cavok Before You Even Start ''

As you can see below Ryanair/Dalmac in Rush are having a SPECIAL OFFER if you pay on the first day of the training course they will reduce the training fee by €200 and refund the amount if you fail or leave the training course..''THIS IS A LIE''.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign were at Ryanair/Dalmac in Rush a few weeks ago and were informed by a local that  a student asked for a refund and was told NO.
The father of the student who was Irish arrived at  Ryanair/Dalmac in Rush and threatened to burn the place down unless he received a refund...Glad to say a refund was given after this incident..Ryanair/Dalmac Guarantee a complete LIE.... 

If you would like to pay for your course fees on the first day of the course we offer you a DISCOUTNED COURSE FEE RATE OF €1,999 and theGUARANTEE THAT it will be refunded to you if you fail or leave the course, as per the Dalmac's Guarantee.

John said,
I do hope new recruits see through this recruitment SCAM by Ryanair ...AS TERMINATION AT RYANAIR WILL DAMAGE YOUR CAREER IN AVIATION.''All Airlines Check A 5 Year Work/Study Record And A Reference With Termination will be sent..I must also point out that the New Joiners Allowance will be taken back by Ryanair if you are Terminated before a 12 month period....


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