20 Aug 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign are pleased to announce that cabin crew at Ryanair have created their first ever facebook group were you can be anonymous..No fear of Ryanair and Ryanairdontcare Campaign fully supports this group..The message below was sent today....



John/Ryanair cabin crew,

We have created Ryanair cabin crew group.

Our aim of this group is to get cabin crew to pull together, and share their experiences anonymously, so that we can highlight the plight of cabin crew within this airline.

There couldn't be a better time to place mounting pressure on Ryanair.

We would like to hear about any issues you are facing as cabin crew.
We will treat all emails confidentially and provide a personal response to each one.
We will publish your stories on our profile (but not with your name) so that the world can be aware, and more importantly that the management in this airline may wake up and treat us with respect and dignity which all of us deserve.

Email ryanaircabincrewgroup@gmail.com

Our team look forward to hear from you.

Their first post is below..

By Ryanair Ryan
Good evening,
My identity will remain anonymous, all you need to know is I work at Ryanair.

My aim of this profile, and subsequent campaign, is to raise the issue in public of how poorly Ryanair cabin crew are treated.

We all know as crew the issues we face. Ever increasing demands placed on us, always blamed when something goes wrong, poor uniform which we pay for, inability to transfer to where we need to be, the lack of understanding our company has about the personal problems we face, the fear to call in sick...too many to mention, but my aim is to highlight them all.

If you have a story to tell, and want it to be told, anonymously, please come forward and email ryanaircabincrewgroup@gmail.com

This is a campaign set up by Ryanair cabin crew, for Ryanair cabin crew.

It's early days, but I really hope with everybody's support we can make things start to change for all the professional men and women working for this airline.

Safe flying,
Ryanair cabin crew group.
John said,
This is great news....

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