19 Aug 2013




Ryanair purposely base cabin crew away from where they want to go, so many crew try to transfer home, only to see new supernumerary crew go In their place.

This is really disgusting. Why not send the new person in place of the person who wants to transfer.....well it's obvious. Ryanair want the cabin crew to get fed up in their base, where they suffer depression away from family and support, then they leave and get replaced by a new crew member who pays to join the airline.

This is a problem across the company...many crew wish to transfer and so easily could. Even when you tell them the problems you face at home, and that you really must go home, they simply DO NOT CARE.

Michael O'Leary, wake up, this business model used to work, but passengers won't pay the ever increasing fees and charges in the wake of all the bad media we are receiving. Furthermore, depressed crew don't make great for safety on board, transfers need to be actioned. It's not fair to let crew live like this.

What else can I say.

A very senior disgruntled cabin crew

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Hi Wakeupoleary, great name Lol...
This base issue is very important for Ryanair senior management as it is the way to exploit young people better..Base them away from family and friends.Stall on base transfer brings depression to present cc,which Ryanair want.
You are very much correct,depressed crew is a safety issue which must be looked at,NOT by the Irish Aviation Authority though!!!!! Thank you for your comment...