22 Aug 2013


As many will be aware of the recruitment for termination set up by Ryanair in 2004 which involved Dalmac who with the help of Ryanair registered a company called Workforce International.
With a fly hourly rate of pay being 16 euro per hour in 2009 it has decreased for POLISH probationary cabin crew to 11 euro per hour.Ryanair senior management are trying to get it under 10 euro by 2014 but ONLY for Polish citizens who wish to work for them.
Ryanair/Dalmac are using a company called Logart to recruit in Poland and are working very hard to recruit as many eastern Europeans especially Polish..
Polish citizens need to understand that up to 60% of new recruits are terminated under one year with your last months salary taken from you....
As you will see from the publicity below used by Ryanair/Dalmac to recruit young Polish citizens,€49.99 registration fee ONLY polish students.All other students recruited from other countries will pay a registration fee of €499 don't take our word for it..See below,

Training Course Fees
Registration Fee
If you are successful at interview, you will be invited to start on any one of our training courses (available in cities throughout Europe *NEAR YOU*). When you have selected your training course, you must secure your place on the course by paying your "Registration Fee" of €499 (this is non-refundable). Your Registration Fee of €499 can be paid in 2 instalments of €199 and €300.

 This low fee is to trick Polish young people into believing Ryanair are helping you when their only interest is taking as much of your salary as possible once TERMINATED with help from

 POLISH CHILD PRODIGY Juliusz Komorek Ryanair's Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs and is Company Secretary.....Look at below post.


John said,
Please look at the 2012 Christmas special offer below Ryanair/Dalmac used to get as many Polish involved in RECRUITMENT for TERMINATION....

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Anonymous said...

There's just one thing about Poland. There is no job for young Polish people. The unemployment is so high, and there are no possibilities for us, that Ryanair seems to be good option. From my training they fired one person for lateness. Some of us quit (like 3 or 4 ppl out of 30 including myself). I'm not saying Ryanair is good... No! It's not! They're scumbags, but from what I see, nothing can be done 'bout that :(