20 Sep 2013

RYANAIR AGM DUBLIN 2013 DAVID BONDERMAN TPG Capital ''NO SHOW''....RYANAIRDONTCAREPASSENGER New BLOG...http://ryanairdontcarepassengers.blogspot.co.uk/

Today to celebrate Chief exploiter David Bonderman's absence from the Ryanair AGM in Dublin Ryanairdontcare Campaign have set up a Ryanair passenger blog were passengers can post their own personal stories of being cheated by Ryanair.

As you can see Ryanair were monitored on this blog today whilst their AGM was in progress..

Cable & Wireless Uk P.u.c. (   ryanair 3 UK 0 returning visits
Ireland FlagDublin, Ireland   
20 Sep10:23:20
20 Sep10:25:17
  (Encrypted Search) 
20 Sep11:22:08


John said,

Chief Ryanair exploiter David Bonderman did not attend the Ryanair AGM today in Dublin,reason being Ryanairdontcare Campaign are a real threat to Ryanair. Doomed to Fail ''MICHAEL''.....

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