15 Sep 2013

.Ryanair Holdings plc Annual General Meeting..Radisson Hotel 20th September 2013

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin, Ireland 

           Ryanair Annual General Meeting
Telephone/Email/Fax against the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport on 20th September 2013 from 7am till 1pm.
                        Tel: +353 1 844 6000

                      Roof protest below at the Ryanair AGM 2010 at Radisson Blu Dublin Airport

 Ryanair Europe's Biggest Exploiter Of Young People are holding their Annual General Meeting at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dublin airport on 20th September 2013..At this meeting David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary will offer share holders a special dividend for next year as a sweetener to stop them knocking at his door regarding the safety issues which have been televised in documentaries all over Europe.The last few months the Pilots and some Cabin Crew at Ryanair have started to join together in solidarity in their fight for better working conditions with safety being priority,which is great news.
Sadly Ryanair do not see it the same way and Michael O'Leary sees social media as a threat,not in telling us the true about safety but a threat to Ryanai'sr Share Price
Ryanair's bookings have fallen sharply as a result of their Pilots being televised in documentaries all over Europe telling us how safe Ryanair realy is.The fight back from Michael O'Leary is to sue bloggers on forums,closed down the Ryanair Pilot and Cabin Crew Facebook groups plus temporally closing down the Ryanair Pilot's twitter account and finally sending a strong message to Ryanair workers by terminating the contract of Veteran pilot Captain John Goss......
As many will be aware Ryanairdontcare Campaign's main focus is the Ryanair recruitment practises which clearly exploits young people all over Europe which is wrecking the start of their working life.Not only by using Zero Hour Contracts ON 80% of the Ryanair crew workforce but also making these young people work for FREE making David Bondeman & Michael O'Leary £ Millions each year which is placed in Banks off share.

In 2010 i did a roof top protest at this AGM .Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport..http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/ryanair-exploit-cabin-crew-pilots-and.html

In 2011 i gained access with my protest banner to the room were the Ryanair AGM was held .Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport and was assaulted by security guards in the hotel.Police were called and i was arrested and released after 2 hours.
I informed the Garda (police) about the assault and they did nothing.

In June this year Ryanair held a meeting regarding the Boeing aircraft deal at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport and i again with my protest banner attended and was yet again assaulted outside of the hotel..This time the Garda (police) did not arrest me but asked me to accompany them to the police station,which i did and told them i wanted to report an assault.
Three months later still no assault statement taken...

I call on your help please with a COMMUNICATIONS BLOCKADE Telephone/Email/Fax against the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport on 20th September 2013 from 7am till 1pm.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin
Tel: +353 1 844 6000
Fax: +353 1 844 6001

Reservations Team

Tel: +353 1 844 6000

Email: reservations.airport.dublin@radissonblu.com

Meeting & Events Team

Email: meetings.dubairport@radissonblu.com

Sales Team
Email: annmarie.murray@radissonblu.com

Reception Team
Email: Info.airport.dublin@radissonblu.com

I will be at the Ryanair AGM at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport again with my banner on 20th September 2013 at 8.30am
and thank you all very much for your support...


Anonymous said...

Keep going John, Ryanair management, especially the lower level base managers are nothing but bullies in this awful suppressive fear culture

FRmanagementarescum said...

You need to up the game John, you can do more than just a banner...

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

I understand that and i try my best to be a thorn in Bonderman and O'Leary's side...This Friday should be good,not only the campaign communications Blockage but we have nice surprise...

Anonymous said...

Mr O'Leary is an intelligent man, it suprises me that he doesn't understand a fundamental rule...
If you treat staff well, this will be passed on to your customers.

There is a reason why so many Ryanair cabin crew are miserable at work. Fear to do anything wrong, repercussions for everything, supervisors who have forgotten what the role of cabin crew is, it's a retchid company that will learn from it's mistakes. Unfortunately nothing will change until a 737 and 150+ lives have been lost....then maybe this will unearth the truth about Ryanair.

Wake up O'Leary. Before its too late. Please.
It's not a matter of if it will happen.
It's when will it happen.