3 Aug 2015


This post below relates to CHIEF exploiter of probationary cabin crew Ryanair CHIEF David Bonderman.
If you all are not aware of late, a lion named Cecil we are being told has been killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist called Jan Casimir Seski a bowhunter.The whole world is talking about this lion which has been beamed On To Empire State Building in America.An autopsy has been conducted on Cecil the Lion (7/7 victims have not) ..Let us talk about CHARITIES later..So let us bring in Sabrina Corgatelli who had nothing to do with Cecil the lion but funny how all wildlife is top of the news,by the way her facebook page was set up 4 months ago...If people are not aware how some charities nowadays work, with a small % going to the charity but a private company can be set up and be a so called agent for this charity.Like World Wildlife Fund (World Wildlife Fund )who have Scum Bag, Ryanair Chief David Donderman heavily involved.Not only a professional in Ripping passengers off with extra charges but TERMINATING thousands out young probationary cabin crew for profit and great in setting up shell companies (agents),(Crewlink and Workforce International for Ryanair)..The sort of guy needed to get money out of the public for FREE...
TheWorld Wildlife Fund are asking for monthly donation through your bank accounts to help protect and care for wildlife animals which a small % of money collected through agents go towards..Most of the money raised go to these agents and wages for setting up stalls in shopping malls (UK) . You need to see the pressure selling from these guys working with World Wildlife Fund to get the standing order set up.(worse than a Ryanair cabin crew recruitment day''live the high life'').Anything from £3 a month can be donated to World Wildlife Fund..
Today i witnessed 4 groups of 4 leaving Liverpool city center to set up stalls all for  World Wildlife Fund charity which has been happening since Cecil was killed and i can bet you it will be the very same all over UK...Stop one minute,did i tell you you can buy Cecil the lion from a London company charges £1,580 for gold-plated phone with lion on its back,(showing money generated over lions death),NOT related to World Wildlife Fund i must say.
So lets get back to money,in the first 24 hours one charity agent in the USA generated $150,000. As for the UK i would have a guess 10 major animal charities are set up with 100s of agents working off these major charities in the UK.All in shopping malls up and down the country talking about Cecil the Lion, Sorry i mean standing orders.The World Wildlife Fund  are in most countries so what is going on in the UK will be happening all over the world.If one charity agent can generate $150,000 in 24 hours how much can 1000 agents world wide generate in 7 days $50,000,000, $100,000,000 $500,000,000 your guess is good as mind.Money from agents to World Wildlife Fund are called (promotional income from companies) which only a small % is given..So before you think to give your charity money away over Cecil the Lion please think again......

                                     Ryanair Chief exploiter David Bonderman
Taken from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10232004/72-per-cent-increase-in-executives-paid-over-100k-a-year-at-best-known-charities.html

''Other big payers included World Wildlife Fund UK, which increased the pay for its chief executive David Nussbaum from £120,000 to £140,000''.

World Wildlife Fund set up in Lime street Liverpool in 2014.They have set up again with a bigger stall last week after the death of Cecil the lion.



Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Daily Mirror article.


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