6 Aug 2015


 On 23rd July 2015 at the Jurys inn hotel in Manchester Ryanair's cabin crew recruiter Dalmac who set up Workforce International shell company for Ryanair had a recruitment day which was interrupted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign...The message below is from one of the students who went along to this event.
Video of the protest below.

 Student at this recruitment day.

Hiya john! I didn't even get a chance at the interview as the moment you left the woman with the white jacket singled everyone out of whom had a tattoo (including me) before the presentation started, I stated I was in the process of having it removed and it should have gone within the end of the training course but she basically didn't take that into consideration and just primarily fobbed most of us off! (blessing in disguise if you asked me). The women began to start the presentation when she apologised for the incident regarding yourself, and said she didn't understand your situation of why you was so angry with the company as she had never seen you before and that it's not essential that they can please everyone so they shall move along and start the day... Now to me this didn't sound very enthusiastic as a company to be honest as I believe in itself, every single company has its aspirations to please every customer they serve to stay loyal and continue such an effective business. With me working presently for a company, I believe that it is my main priority to make sure the customer is happy with the service we can provide, so they will either pass on the valuable customer service we offer to others and come back. She then stated that you was outside staring (pointing at you through the window whilst laughing and encouraging the students to stare, whilst she stared at you) which was yet again extremely unprofessional and how it's pathetic that you have come today to spoil such a day, with that her colleague closed the curtains through the window also laughing at the students while doing so. As soon as I left I actually youtubed "Ryanair assessment days" and found your videos which led me to read your websites and other links on you tube regarding "Ryan air Dispatches" which is also extremely ideal to watch if you get the opportunity! I'm so glad people like you are here to support the young people out there and there future careers! Once again I would like to thank you on behalf of us, as you really opened up a lot more aspects for me, and I will definitely not only be learning the companies facts and figures, I will definitely be looking more in depth at the company I plan to work for and what actually goes on behind the scenes of employment! Keep up the hard work! ....... xxx

Dalmac web site directs you to shell company Workforce International click the middle box.http://www.dalmac.ie/

John said,
It is amazing that these recruiters from Dalmac do not know me.Look at the many protest below.
First protest against Dalmac /Workforce in 2010.

Youtube protests against Dalmac/Workforce which are many below


 All these protest above are at Dalmac/Workforce head office in Rush Ireland
If your wishing to have a career in aviation as cabin crew then BOYCOTT Ryanair.

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