6 Aug 2015


This next post relates to the post below.Michael O'Leary will always boast about how well Ryanair cabin crew are paid,how well their pension and health care is which is a LIE.
Mr O'Leary has only 20% of an estimated 5000 cabin crew with the conditions above which leaves 4000 probationary Ryanair cabin crew ready to exploit.Mr O'Leary can not exploit money from the 20% of cabin crew because they have REAL Ryanair contracts.
The 80% which is 4000 are recruited by shell companies set up by Ryanair, Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International  with a PROBATIONARY contract.Ryanair continue to have a large flow of new recruits every few months who are very young and to be honest want to make their parents proud or in a lot of cases wish to provide for their family back home which is wonderful for Ryanair.
The more probationary cabin crew Ryanair's shell companies recruit the more probationary Ryanair cabin crew are TERMINATED.Don't forget these new recruits have paid thousands of £ to train as cabin crew with Ryanair with most being based as fare away from their home as possible because Ryanair find it much easier exploiting these new recruits this way.
Going back a few years Ryanair's Crewlink and Workforce International were TERMINATING hundreds of probationary cabin crew each month.From 2004 to 2010 over 10,000 probationary cabin crew had been TERMINATED by Crewlink alone..
From 2004 to 2008 it was Crewlink Limited who liquidated in 2008.From 2008 till 2015 it is Crewlink Ireland Limited.

The wage slip below is the final wage a TERMINATED probationary Ryanair cabin crew member will get from either Crewlink or Workforce.

 This wage slip is from Crewlink Limited.As you can see the flight pay is €745.04 with commission 273.43 and holiday pay of 259.20...Deductions PAYE is at the higher rate of 40% which is €523.84...Month 1 AL is €300.00 which is the new joiners allowance..The total cross pay of €1277.67 is paid into your Bank of Ireland account who are informed by Crewlink & Workforce of your TERMINATION.The Bank of Ireland FREEZE yes FREEZE your account so no money can be withdrawn and Crewlink & Workforce take the lot.The Bank Of Ireland are involved with Ryanair in many ways and make sure your last month salary is not withdrawn.
The high rate of PAYE of 523.84 is kept in The Bank of Ireland high interest account set up for Ryanair and held for 12 months before handing it over to the Irish Government.Ryanair PLC are given generous tax breaks by the Irish Government because of the large amounts of PAYE given by these probationary cabin crew.With so many probationary cabin crew being TERMINATED only a small number claim any form of tax break even at the 40% rate paid.
The Bank of Ireland and the Irish Government are fully aware of these large TERMINATION rates at Ryanair but do nothing as long as the money keeps rolling in.
So looking at the probationary Ryanair Terminated cabin crew members wage slip,it is clear TERMINATION is PROFIT not only for RYANAIR but Bank of Ireland and Irish Government.

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