14 Jan 2016

CAA investigation pricing practices of Opodo and eDreams .WHAT ABOUT RYANAIR CHARITY SCRATCH CARDS & CABIN CREW CARRY £30,000 CASH THROUGH AIRPORTS.

    KENNY JACOBS Chief Marketing Officer at Ryanair is a Hypocrite.You can listen to him below on his facebook video message.

Also why do Ryanair make their cabin crew carry thousands of £ in Red bags through airports instead of using a security company.Some cabin crew members can carry £30,000 a time through airports which is a big safety issue for cabin crew.I have sent the letter below to the Civil Aviation Authority
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    Dear CAA,
    I am in contact with you today regarding the issues regarding Ryanair,Opodo and eDreams.
    I have seen the CAA statement on your website on 17th December 2015 regarding your investigation.

    I am John Foley from Ryanairdontcare Campaign and have two issues i wish to bring to your attention regarding Ryanair in UK airports and UK passengers.
It has been brought to my attention by a whistle blower that Ryanair cabin crew are being used to carry large amounts of cash through airports, in some cases up to £30,000 in a Red cloth bag as Ryanair do not wish to hire security companies as they charge a fee.The dangers of young cabin crew caring such a large amount of money through UK and European airports is very concerning and i would hope you would also investigate this. I must inform you that other people have posted this information on social media.
Thank you for your time.

kindest regards
John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign..

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