15 Jan 2016


Ryanairdontcare Campaign informed you of the on board Ryanair charity scratch card Scam which has generated over €60 million for Ryanair.Now we inform you of the PAYE SCAM INSIDE RYANAIR..

Ryanair's new recruited cabin crew are scammed within the first three months through their PAYE through Ryanair's shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International.
New recruited  Ryanair cabin crew should be paying a 20% fee of PAYE from their monthly salary but these two shell companies generate a emergency tax code of 42% in the first three months by using reasons of delayed paper work.This generates millions of  each year which is theft by deception.
With recruiting so many cabin crew and putting them into this 42% PAYE bracket,many will be Terminated in a few months and 20% of this PAYE is paid to the Irish government after a 12 month period with it sitting in a high interest Bank of Ireland account.The other 22% is kept by Ryanair as most cabin crew live outside of Ireland and either never try to get a PAYE rebate or are only paid if they personally travel back to Dublin tax office.After being exploited,left penniless and spending thousands of  to train, most Terminated cabin crew are traumatized, depressed and never return to Ireland.
The Irish government is fully aware of this PAYE scam and sit back and do nothing.We at Ryanairdontcare are not sure if members of the Irish Tax office are on the Ryanair payroll ''but why do they let this happen''.?

Look at the PAYE charges below for one month from a former cabin crew member at Ryanair contracted through shell company Crewlink Ireland formerly Crewlink Ireland before it was liquidated( Liquidation is common practice at Ryanair) €523 and Let us not forget recruitment and termination is in large numbers each month.This is going on making millions of  each year for David Bonderman and Michael O;Leary.

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