14 Jan 2016


In November 2014 a female passenger died on a Ryanair flight suffering suspected heart problems.Consultant breast surgeon Clare Garnsey, who was on board, said she could not find a pulse for the mother-of-two.

She called for a defibrillator and was 'surprised' that there was not one on board this Ryanair flight and describing them as 'critical' to survival in cardiac events.

When Ryanair was asked about not having a defibrillator on board this flight,they made this comment below.
''A spokesman for Ryanair said: 'While we don't comment on legal matters, Ryanair meets all regulatory requirements in terms of medical assistance provided on its flights and is not legally required to carry defibrillators on board''.

Let us not forget Ryanair in May 2015 announced a full year net profit of €867m
with over 100 million passengers and still NO defibrillator on board.
Up till June 2015 Ryanair had refused to install a defibrillator which could be critical in saving a passengers life in the event of a cardiac event.

At the Ryanair AGM meeting in Dublin in September Ryanairdontcare Campaigner John Foley was present protesting outside like he has done for six years now,was told in a conversation with a Ryanair manager that defibrillator are being place on each Ryanair aircraft.

THE airline's boss, Michael O'Leary, who puts profit priority said all 400 of the company's planes would carry the lifesaving equipment following the death of Davina Tavener in November 2014.Yesterday the 13th January 2016 a Ryanair flight bound for Liverpool  have one more passenger death and STILL Ryanair have no defibrillators on board .It was a suspected heart attack.

HOW MANY MORE DEATHS OF YOUR PASSENGERS DO YOU NEED Mr O'Leary before you install these life saving devices.????????


John said,

You can see Ryanair are not interested in the lives of their passengers because 15 months after the 2014 passenger death,still no defibrillators.Let us see how long it takes them now that one more passengers has died in January 2016.

         ''Ryanair have and will continue to put profit first''

Mobile defibrillators like this can save lives Mr O'leary so get them on board your aircraft please.

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