8 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have sent a letter to Merseyside's Chief Constable regarding an article which appered in the Daily Mirror on 4th February 2012...Article below....

Dear Chief Constable Jon Murphy,
My name is John Foley founder of a Campaign called RYANAIRDONTCARE which deals with employment issues amongst mostly young people at Ryanair.We do have some very serious issues which involves suicide.
I was the protestor who staged a protest at Goodison Park on 31st January 2012.
On the 26th of July 2011 in Rush Ireland outside a Ryanair cabin crew recruitment office a car was used against me.This incident is getting investigated by Skerries Police (Garda).
As the above incident took place as a direct result of this Campaign i have become more concerned for my safety.On 4th February 2012 an article appeared in the Daily Mirror from a Brian Reade,which has myself and my family very worried for my safety.As we are aware violence is not unknown among football supporters and this article could be interpreted as a exhortation to fans to have me killed.
i do believe these comments from Mr Reade have exposed me to a risk of attack.
Thank you for your time.
Enclosed is the article in question.

Kindest regards

John Foley

John said,
Look below and see what happened on my last visit to Dublin outside Ryanair cabin crew recruiter's office...

Letter to the Daily Mirror,

Dear Mr Richard Wallace,
My name is John Foley founder of a campaign called Ryanairdontcare which deals with exploitation of young workers wishing to become cabin crew at Ryanair.
On 31st January i took part in a protestor at Goodison Park. On the 4th February an article appeared in your newspaper  from Mr Brian Reade under the head line ‘’Blues Freeze Out Protester’’. Which has got me and my family worried about my safety.
As you are aware violence is not unknown amongst football supporters and this article could be interpreted as a exhortation to fans to have me killed.I do believe this article from Mr Reade has exposed me to a risk of attack and it is very upsetting.
Thank you for your time.
Kindest regards
John Foley

A letter has been sent to The press complaints commission......


Anonymous said...

John you are my personal hero. Thank you very much for the courage you gave me to face up issues in my life. You have been a great example and probably my life would have been different have I not met this campaign.

John Foley.... said...

Hi there, I have had the same thing happening to me and unfortunately and haven't had a clue where to run after. Would love to talk to you guys and change stories and I'm happy to help i any way possible to prevent other people going through the same thing. If you would like to add me on facebook to change details or numbers maybe? My facebook name is ...... and I live in ..... Keep up the good work and be very proud of yourself for doing all of this :) hopefully speak soon. xx

John said.Sorry I had to delete your name because of Ryanair exploiters

John Foley.... said...

We are glad to have helped....All exploited crew at Ryanair you must be strong and move on...Do not let Ryanair scum bags wreck your life even more...NOT YOUR FAULT...They ''RYANAIR'' Management are the scum of the earth....
Good Luck in all you do in the future...

Anonymous said...

John you have done an incredible work

John Foley.... said...

Any information which will help our campaign which is giving Bonderman and O'Leary sleepless night can be sent to john below

Anonymous said...

John you have been a great teacher for me too. Thank you REALLY thank you.