11 Feb 2012

AEROTOXIC...WISHING TO BECOME CABIN CREW or PILOT for ANY Airline'' WARNING''...... http://aerotoxic.wordpress.com/

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been contacted by Aerotoxic Blog with information which Airline Crew should be aware of....We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign do not place other blogs here but we feel this blog
http://aerotoxic.wordpress.com/ is to important not to...

John said,
All crew at all airlines must make it a priority to visit this site below....Your health is important
http://aerotoxic.wordpress.com/  Email for more information  john@aerotoxic.org
O'leary and Bonderman are not interested in the health of crew at Ryanair,their only interest is taking  money from your salary..........

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