17 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign will target the Irish Aviation Authority in March week of action in Dublin and we have many former Ryanair employees working at the Irish Aviation Authority which is not right.....The Irish Aviation Authority are turning a blind eye to issues regarding Ryanair and former Ryanair employees may be helping.
We know the way Ryanair work and we can reassure the IAA Ryanairdontcare Campaign will target you for protest and we will blog names of former employees of Ryanair who now sit in the IAA offices in Dublin...
Contact will be made to the Irish government to express our concerns.
I have always said the IAA turn a blind eye to issues that involve Ryanair,now i know the reason WHY..

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have obtained some of  these individuals and are asking if  viewers to our blog  have any other NAMES to add to this list or photos please...You can comment below anonymously or send to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk

Niall Cummins  Chief Flight Examiner at Irish Aviation Authority

Dave Usher  General Manager Dublin

Atty Mc Kenna   ( never worked for Ryanair we have been informed )

Donal Cotter

Michael Farrell

John Murray Aeronautical Officer/Flight operations inspector

Dermot McCarthy

Terry O' Neil  Assistant Director

Maurice O' Conner Division Manager
Paul Gingell  Captain investigation team past below
 Aeronautical Officer at Irish Aviation Authority TRE B737-200, Capt B737-800 at Ryanair now at Emirates Airline .

John said,
Irish Aviation Authority are you watching.....................Ryanairdontcare Campaign are and will dig dig and keep digging....Below is the last protest which took place in 2011 at The Corrupt Building 11-12 D'Olier Street Dublin 2. Telephone No.: +353 1 671 8655.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s09gSfGKRs&list=UUAYCqhO5mjn4qxGOCScYVPw&index=7&feature=plcp  we will be back soon.....
Much needed Donations for week of action protests in March can be sent through Paypal to  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Atty Mckenna never worked for Ryanair.
Paul Gingell is now working for Emirates.

John Foley.... said...

Thank you above...