14 Feb 2012


Below is an article word for word by a Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair....New recruits need to TAKE NOTE...These Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew lives are wrecked by Ryanair...Is it right to let Ryanair do this....If recruitment is low then Termination is low ''FACT''.
Join other airlines as no other airlines is like Ryanair..Dignity and Respect to crew at Ryanair is ZERO....

Terminated Probationary Cabin Crew
The same thing happened to me without reason. When I attended the meeting where I was informed about the termination of my contract I was told that I had been late on several occasions, had a no-show and was uncontactable on home standby. None of these were true. I was always early for my shift, had one of the highest selling rates in my base and never missed a call from crew control. My grooming was always excellent, never got a question wrong in my briefing and was regularly praised by my base supervisor on my performance on board. However, according to the person who was firing me there was no way I could fight this as these ‘absent/late occasions’ were on my record. I also found that approximately 90% of the crew that I trained with were also fired without sufficient grounds. It seems that the crew they decided to keep and those they don’t are chosen in a lucky dip. It certainly isn’t decided on performance. When new crew are recruited they are given a 3 year probation period in which time they can terminate contracts at any time. 3 years is not a normal time period for probation in a new job, Ryanair and St. James management are scamming people into paying for a job that they will only keep for a matter of months.

John said,
So very sad....Ryanair are StJames Management and they both are SCAMMERS......

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