12 Feb 2012

UK NEWSPAPERS ''SHAME ON YOU''....norwegian news NORWEGIAN PRESS TELL the TRUTH about GOODISON PROTEST...RYANAIR DO SCAM YOU...http://1solutionrevolution.blogspot.com/2012/01/everton-manchester-city-protest.html

Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank the Norwegian press for this honest article below...Just a shame the UK press do not follow suit....The UK press are not as professional as the Norwegian and many UK Newspapers are more interested in advert revenues from RYANAIR...These revenues speak volumes and SHAME on the UK ''newspaper'' press for doing nothing.


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John said,
How come the Norwegian press can print a story about my last Protest with more accurate than the UK press.....UK newspaper press are not doing their job which results in more young people being exploited by Ryanair......SHAME ON YOU......
I wish to also thank 1 Solution Revolution's post below

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