17 Jan 2012


10 Downing Street

Dear Mr Camron,

This is not the first correspondence I have sent you from Ryanairdontcare Campaign regarding employment issues at Ryanair, to which NO action in any form has taken place to investigate these issues by your office.

I speak to you as a parent who’s daughter ,I believe was exploited, Terminated and left penniless in a foreign land by Ryanair in 2008 for Profit.. This exploitation and Termination has lead to a Campaign ‘’Ryanairdontcare’’which has been active for over three years now, dealing with many issues to which Governments all over Europe ignore. Many young people starting off their adult working life are damaged by Ryanair will Governments and Aviation Authorities turning a blind eye.  

It is sad that even though information I have shows a pattern of Termination of Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair for profit, my own Government turns a blind eye. Do not be fooled by high recruitment levels at Ryanair as Termination levels are even higher.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign have called for a week of action against Ryanair which will commence from 12th March till 18th March 2012 and would hope a flying boycott would be taken. We also call on Government Ministers to think twice flying Ryanair,the only Airline in Europe to not recognise union membership….
I am also sure Pilot unions Balpa & Ialpa would confirm other important issues that relate to Pilots at Ryanair, which entail  the same Exploitation/Termination practises.

Peaceful Protests are planned  this summer (Olympics) not only by Ryanairdontcare Campaign but by others in aviation.

Kindest regards

John Foley

Ryanairdontcare Campaign….

John Said,
Letter above sent to No10.............Act ''NOW''

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