24 Jan 2012

PPruNe Comments Ryanair Pilots Need to act ''NOW'' JOIN A UNION GUYS...O'LEARY HAS NO RESPECT ''ONLY FOR MONEY''..

Why not petition RTE for equal TV time? The little gnome own RTE? Provide charts indicating flight and duty times. Leave emotions out of the presentation and stick only to the facts and keep it strictly business. Don't sink to that little pissant's level. It's the best way to get the message out to the public. You guys should counter each claim made that that putz in every media available to the FR pilots.

I doubt the FR pilot would come close to being fired. You think FR would want to risk another retribution law suit?

It is a legal requirement to keep a record of annual duty hours of all pilots. Thus this claim can be easily challenged, and the correct data published, under a freedom of information request to IAA. If IALPA was so minded it might have a good PR moment against RYR. It could then ask the open question of "if they are telling porkies about this, what else might they be telling porkies about?" That's politics.

The next time MOL is on RTE ask the interviewer to ask the following;

1. If pilots only fly 18 hours a week then perhaps MOL will sign a statement on air and binding to all flight crews, that when they reach 18 hours flight time in any period of seven days they can go home.

2. Ask him to tell all the viewing public if it is true that all Ryanair flights never fly anywhere in cloud without radar cover.

3. Ask him to read out all the checks we have to do during turnarounds, line by line with a watch running.

4. Ask him to read out some of Ryanair safety reports and safety audits where pilots have missed things like checks and other aircraft.

Perhaps some pretty little diagrams illustrating some of the above could be used so that MOL could wave his fingers about all over them, pointing out where black is white and so forth.

I actually think the fact he is a smiling assassin makes him even more deadly. You guys in Ryanair had seriously better get your act together and get union representation, not just for the sake of yourselves but for the sake of the whole industry in Europe. The truth is that many of you thought that by keeping your head down, accepting being treated like sh*t for a couple of years you could then leave and move onto something better. The trouble is that those airlines that once offered richer pastures are either shrinking because of the competition from Ryanair or they are changing their employment terms to resemble those at Ryanair. If you let this guy railroad terms and conditions for another 10 years there will simply be nowhere left worth going that is still hiring.

I don't believe making pilots pay for application screening, sim ride, selection, type ratings, uniforms, water, food, hotels, or required business travel is ethical. I don't believe upsetting people's family life by forcing them to move base every so often or making all your employees contractors in order to avoid the costs of holiday, sick pay and pensions is ethical either. Make no mistake these things are normally offered to those who are employed by reputable and decent organisations and all of them can be yours if you join together collectively in a union.

The only person with anything to fear from unionisation should be Michael O'Leary. You can shaft one pilot but you cannot shaft 2000 joined by collective agreement.

John said,
The cancer of Ryanair is spreading to other airlines...Ryanair pilots need to act ''NOW'' Join  a Union... You all know what the future holds not only for yourself but for generations to come. TIME TO ACT...How can a hand full of scumbags in Ryanair Head Office control thousands of Pilot, i do not understand............. They can not control me and i am only ONE person.....

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