22 Jan 2012


Dear Elaine Woods, Scottish Enterprise,
Thank you for your recent email reply regarding Ryanair.

I do understand that Prestwich Aircraft Maintenance have no involvement in Ryanair’s flight operations but are solely for Ryanair maintenance.PAM are contracted to supply aircraft engineers to Ryanair and recruit through Ryanair’s website.
PAM recruit in partnership with Ryanair plus train engineers that may be employed by Ryanair.
The relationship PAM have with Ryanair,training,recruitment and employment is the very same set up as StJames Management who deal with cabin crew.
StJames Management also have a contract with Ryanair to recruit and facilitate training for Ryanair which is charged to candidates..A large fee is paid for this training to become cabin crew.
Prestwick Aircraft Maintenance also charge candidates to train as engineers to work at Ryanair which is the very same set up as what this training grant is being paid for..
If I am not mistaken,payment from Scottish Enterprise and candidates are paid for the very same training protect which this grant was for.
Aircraft Systems Training which is based in Stansted England and not at Prestwick is this true.Do SE have any reason for this facility not being placed in Prestwick.The reason for asking the above,if Scottish candidates take up this Aircraft Systems Training which requires 3 weeks of theory and practical at Stansted England are candidates who undertake this training housed by PAM in Stansted or is it paid by candidates.
I think it is very important for SE to hold numbers of Scottish candidates taking this training and how many are employed either by PAM or Ryanair.It is also important to know what other nationals these candidets are.

One to One mentoring are these experienced mechanics and supervisors PAM employees or Ryanair employees.Is this one to one mentoring taken in Stansted England or Prestwick Scotland.

Internal training resource, is this in house function at Prestwick Scotland or Stansted England.

Licensed Engineer’s,is this bespoke course delivered at AST Perth college the only facility or is this available in Stansted England.Is AST Perth college the only organisation (college)involved in this training grant project.
As Modern Apprenticeship and Training for Work Schemes which are under jurisdiction of SDS,
any recruited individuals taken on by PAM or Ryanair as training engineers (apprenticeship) or employed directly ,is their any other payment given from Scottish Enterprise or other Scottish Government sections.Do Ryanair or PAM get any form of employment subsidy apart from this grant.

Is their any get-out clauses involved for either PAM or Ryanair regarding this grant. Can I also have the final contract between Scottish Enterprise Funding body and PAM.
As this grant total was for 1.5 million,can I have the breakdown please on this funding- either to PAM or Ryanair.
Thank you for your time.All correspondences are posted on our blog. A copy of this email will be sent to Mr Alex Salmond. www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com
To make sure you received this email please confirm.

Kindest regards

John Foley

Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

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