24 Jan 2012


Below is the reply from Scottish Enterprise regarding  a 1.5 Million Grant to Ryanair/PAM which is being looked into by Ryanairdontcare Campaign....As you can see no record yet of Scottish jobs created.
Freedom of Information request reply below...

Dear Mr Foley

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) regarding a training grant awarded to Ryanair.

I have responded to each of your questions below:

1. Training grant given to Ryanair, for what job training involved inside Ryanair was it given for

Please note the training grant was awarded to (PAM), Prestwick Aircraft Maintenance which has with no involvement in the Ryanair flight operations.   The training covered technical/mechanical aircraft maintenance and not training for cabin crew.

The project covered the following key areas of training:

·         Aircraft Systems Training - requiring 3 weeks of theory and practical training based at a new facility at Stanstead.  (This will house an ex-service aircraft for the purposes of providing a range of training modules and skill levels.)
·         One to One mentoring – this involves experienced Mechanics, Lead Mechanics and Supervisors with trainee mechanics, apprentices etc who require to be trained and assessed against set industry competency levels.
·         Licensed Engineers – A bespoke course which is delivered by approved CAA Part 147 training organisations, such as at AST Perth College, has been identified to allow a high percentage of the theory to be delivered over a condensed period of a maximum of 23 weeks for a full modular program.
·         Internal trainer resource – the development of training capabilities to deliver an in-house function offering a more cost effective solution than external training activity.

 2.  How many jobs were created by this training grant to Scottish citizens.

The investment project envisages the creation of 140 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff over 4 years.  The project is currently on target to achieve this.

SE does not hold exact numbers for Scottish citizens.  Currently Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is working with PAM and James Watt College to train suitable candidates.

The company has been proactive in the recruitment of individuals through both the Modern Apprenticeship and Training for Work Schemes which are now under the jurisdiction of SDS.   The company is committed to continuing to recruit a percentage of the workforce through these routes which is offering opportunities for both school leavers and those who have been part of large scale redundancy programmes or long term unemployed.

3.  Do Scottish Enterprise have records which confirm any termination levels, relating to any training given for this £640,000 training loan.
SE has no knowledge of any termination of employees under this project.

I trust that this information has satisfactorily answered your questions.   However, should you have any questions, please get back in touch.

If you are dissatisfied with this response /how your request has been handled you have the right under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 to request a review.   A request for review must be submitted in writing or other permanent form within 40 working days of the date of this letter and should be addressed to:

Lena Wilson
Chief Executive

Scottish EnterpriseAtrium Court

50 Waterloo Street
G2 6HQ

It must include your name and an address for correspondence, and specify the request for information to which the requirement for review relates and the matter which gives rise to your dissatisfaction with the decision.

Scottish Enterprise will respond to any request for review within 20 working days of receipt.

Your right to apply to the Information Commissioner under FOISA

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the review you have the right under FOISA to apply to the Scottish Information Commissioner within six months following the date of receipt of the review notice.  The Commissioner’s contact details are:

The Scottish Information Commissioner
Kinburn Castle

Doubledykes Road
St Andrews
KY16  9DS

Tel:      01334 464610

Yours sincerely

Elaine Woods

John said,
More information to follow...More information is needed and i will continue to dig deep into all grants Ryanair are involved in...Ryanair Termination level is the highest in Europe...

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