24 Jan 2012


Below are three comments from Ryanair crew...

They parasite on Irish system in many ways:
1. By not paying taxes,
2. By not paying wages to sick employees,
3. By getting grants for creation of fictional work places. Work places they don’t need. Work places the employees will be quickly removed from and terminated. Nevertheless the grant for a fictional job goes to Ryanair pocket and money from training fees too.
And the process goes on and on and on, as Ryanair is constantly recruiting.
Abuse of Irish tax payers!!!
Great job John. Keep getting at them.
Ryanair work places are a big bubble. People are recruited to be terminated because this is exactly what brings Ryanair money.

Irish Government and Department of Social Welfare should definitely be interested. Ryanair employees who are sick ARE NOT PAID ANY WAGES BY RYANAIR. If you are sick while working for them you are not getting any money therefore the Department of Social Welfare has to pay for your doctor, medication and accommodation. They also have to pay your sickness benefit.

Hi RyanairDontCare, if you get any comments like: “Ryanair is great and we are happy” or “I am a happy cabin crew and John Foley is an idiot”; these comments are probably posted by ryanair management themselves. Eddie Wilson is well known for posting on PPRuNe, pretending to be a pilot. He pretends to be a happy pilot, very satisfied with his working conditions. This is how Ryanair have compromised the credibility of PPRuNe. They may want to do the same here.


Marco said...

I work for Ryanair, I am not unhappy, I do not have nothing to complain, but i´ve seen many injustices with some other crew. It´s true that Eddie Wilson is a fucking idiot, you ask him something and he just don´t reply you or care. Ryanair can be a good place to work until you find something better. And if you get sick, you´re fired...Yes, in this bullshit airline you can´t be sick...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

A few weeks ago, I found a lot of posts concerning the ryanair working conditions (on PPrune). I cannot find them anymore, are they deliberately deleted???