20 Jan 2012


This email blow has just been sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign.No words have been changed..

Hi there john,

I have always wanted to be Cabin Crew, ever since a very very young age. I would not like to state my age however, as this could be very obvious to who this email is being sent by if this were to get into the wrong hands. I always wanted to work for ryanair, too. I knew your capaign existed for a very long time however I did not think anything of it- i.e. unfortunately did not believe such a large company could/ would do this to their own staff. However, I am starting my training with ryanair VERY soon, and thereby have spent £450 on course fee's, and around £1000 on other costs (accomodation, flights, transport.) I have also left a job which I enjoyed. So therefore I am trapped and more or less have to continue. The reason why I am composing this email is purely because I have talked to REAL Cabin Crew members at Ryanair who left within 4 weeks. This is because she did not reach "satisfactory" sales targets, which were way out of reach- for example, selling 10 scratchcards per flight. She was called in for a meeting, where the manager shouted and abused her, (trying to get her to leave.) She did. Loosing $$$ to these scam artists. Another girl had the same problem (not meeting impossible sales targets) however she decided to stay and try and improve. However, she was rostered in for home standby, the company stated that they phoned her 2 times for a flight before she got the phone call, although she only recieved 1. By the time she arrived at the airport she was 5 minutes late therefore did not make the flight and another crew member was called in. Consequently she was sacked. Ryanair say they phone you, however this is a lie.

There is a big difference between agency contracts and ryanair contracts. Whilst on agency contracts you have to be paranoid at all times, because ryanair contract staff will report you to base and training managers if you do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER wrong. Either this or they will make something up to get you into trouble, therefore getting sacked.

Interview days are a joke. 99% of candidates get the job. To even get an interview you have to complete 1 page online.

P.s. NEW CREWLINK Contracts state:

"Our client airline has a lesser demand for cabin crew during the winter months and therefore you will be rostered a minimum of four weeks’ unpaid leave in any flight hours’ year (April to March). For the duration of this unpaid leave you will not be required to operate flight or ground duties and you will not receive any pay (including sector pay, monthly allowances etc.) during this period."

I wish you the best of luck and please please do not give up, you may not know it but many cabin crew are too scared of supporting you in fear of loosing their jobs.

Kind regards

John said,
If your thinking of join Ryanair who are Europe's largest scammers of workers ''think again''.
They say minimum of four weeks un-paid leave,,,,,It is maximum of 3 months and will be 3 months ''NO PAY''.................


Anonymous said...

This is true. People are shouted at and abused at Ryanair so called disciplinary and investigative meetings by so called “managers”, “personnel managers” and “base managers”. They are seriously abused like. The sole purpose of these meetings is to intimidate an employee.
People are actually promoted for being bullies. If you are not a good bully, you will not make a manger in that organization.
That is also true that employees are encouraged to sneak and they are turned into squealers. This is so true and so obvious. They are actually promoted for doing that; I saw it many times.
If you can share on this blog your experiences from Ryanair “disciplinary processes” please do. Please write what they did to you and who personally did it.
RyanairDontCare you should keep encouraging people to write anonymously and to ensure them that Ryanair will not track them down. Many people are too afraid to write. They irrationally think that Ryanair will trace them down and sack them. There is a strong fear factor which prevents people from posting.

Anonymous said...

Indeed RyanairDontCare is a living Curriculum for Ryanair Managers. We strongly encourage any potential employer who would like to hire or employ any person with a past career at Ryanair management to read this blog and to learn what patterns of behavior this person will bring into your organization.

John Foley.... said...

Thank you for your post...Of course
Anonymous post are very much welcome by Ryanair past and present..
They have no fear on this blog as i can never be bought....My childs love is NOT FOR SALE at any price...
This blog is their voice which Ryanair have no way to track any person who comments...I have protection in place on this Blog so do not worry.........
Ryanairdontcare Campaign blog is the world's No 1 Anti Ryanair blog with over 63,000 hits to date....
Come on guys ''TELL ALL...Ryanair MANAGEMENT must be named and SHAMED here.....
Remember by posting comments on here you are not only helping others,you are helping yourself too.lease remember...

Anonymous said...

RyanairDontCare should open up a separate section named: The Gallery of Ryanair Bullies or the Bullies Board. Each bully would have his own space on the board; with short career information and a photo. People could post comments on each of the bullies individually. In this way we could have all information about them in one place.
Some of Ryanair managers do not post any of their photos on the internet in the fear of being exposed.