21 Jan 2012


Dear Mr Colm Darling ,
Firstly i would like to congratulate you on your great work that DEBRA Ireland are doing regarding Epidermolysis bullosa.
I saw the late late show last night and would hope your donations will be increased.

I would like to point out that Ryanair's Michael O'Leary is not all that he seems..I will not go into these issues in detail but i will inform you that Probationary Cabin Crew and Pilots at Ryanair are exploited with no protection from unions as Ryanair are very anti union.
Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair selling your charity calendar before Christmas were but under a great deal of pressure to sell this calendar from Ryanair and the sale of this calendar effected pay of these probationary cabin crew with on board sales.

I would also like to inform you that each flight used by Ryanair to fly any of your Patient to Spain will earn Ryanair a subsidy of up to 26 Euro each patient.

More importantly Stress and Depression are a big part of life inside Ryanair with many young probationary cabin crew having a very hard time.Pilots are treated with the up most disrespect from Mr O'Leary as they are such a main function of any airline.Only a few months ago a Liverpool based Ryanair Pilot committed suicide and working conditions are believed to be involved,we wait the inquest....

My intention of this email is not to disrespect the great work Debra and your staff do but must question Ryanair's Mr O'Leary's publicity charity work and money donation to Debra.
Emails will be posted on our blog....

Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards

John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign....

John said,
I had to sent this email to Debra Ireland....It makes me sick that O'Leary made himself out to be the Hero on this TV SHOW when in fact he treats his crew so bad.....Let us not forget Paul please guys......

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