17 Jan 2012


Below is the last two days were Ryanair visited Ryanairdontcare Campaign's BLOG.Guess what, they yet again are looking for information regarding SUICIDE....

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John said,
Do Ryanair need to keep doing this ?????????????? Ryanair do have something to hide and guess what O'Leary and BONDERMAN, we know what it is.......
Also Ryanair looking at our Donation.....Interesting....

This is the reason why they looking at Suicide...http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056378654&page=30  Ryanair hate forums as it is a way for workers at Ryanair to talk....They do not like that....
Ryanairdontcare Campaign have not posted on the above forum...


Anonymous said...

Any wealthy people with a conscience? Once many moons ago Tarzan (that evil Tory grandee Michael Heseltine) gave £12500 to charity. A pretty sum you may think and the media made a big fuss about the his generosity and altruism. Funny thing was that the chap is actually a bilionaire and makes £20 a second from his investment portfolio. Look him up if you don't believe me. The reason I'm making a fuss about this is it sticks in my mind after all these years. A nurse wrote a letter to the press - it was the Grauniad or Indie - and she quoted Tarzan's substantial earnings and worked out the equivalent proportional amount out of her annual salary - it was £3.26.

Well I gave John a tenner the other week because he deserves it. Give him a few quid if you can spare it. If you are Heseltine or of his ilk and you're reading this bob him £20000.

You probably won't because you'll tell us that this kind of campaign is the politics of yesterday and our class needs to put up and shut up. Prove us wrong please wealthy philanthropists. O'Leary is maybe one of your wealthy "band of brothers" but he is a very "hostile" one at that.

Fling John some cash because this is a fight worth fighting if we want to see better labour conditions, decency and sincerity not just in the airline industry but the world over.

Life is not about profit and cash for a few greedy people. O'Leary and his ilk would like to see it like that. We humans need to override those sub-humans amongst us.

John Foley.... said...

Great post and so true...Thank you for your kind words and the tenner...

Anonymous said...

Hi John, can you see which one of these e-mail addresses belongs to Darrell Hughes? That would be interesting to know what he is looking at. The guy has “a cover up” written across his forehead.