15 Jan 2012


The week of action against Exploitation at Ryanair is being passed around the internet by bloggers.We feel it is very important for us all to pass the word on regarding this action... A strong message must be sent to Ryanair, in simply terms...
                                               STOP SCAMMING OUR CHILDREN

12-18 March 2012 will see an international week of action against RyanAir, called by Liverpool Solidarity Federation and RyanAirDon’tCare Campaign,

Get involved by:
-boycotting RyanAir (arguably this should be permanent anyway)
-holding actions at airports where RyaniAir fly and at RyanAir head offices
- boycotting the ‘RyanAir chase’ at the Cheltenham races (15th March) O’leary pays 280,000 to sponsor this 6 minute race,
-contact RyanAir to complain about exploitative recruitment process
-spread the word

RyanAir are a prime example of profits before people capitalism, they claim to have the lowest fares, but use links with the press and governments where they operate to cover up the exploitation of the workers, and how they manipulate students in universities to drop out of courses to carry out training provided by RyanAir.

New employees are loaned €3000 for training and up to 200 people a month are sacked after this initial training period, those ‘lucky’ enough to make it through are then on a 12 month probationary period where they receive lower pay and are often dismissed for trivial reasons.

On top of the €3000, new employees also need to pay for uniforms, and I believe they also need to buy equipment (such as the tweezers used to put ice in drinks). Of course the employees are keen to show they are willing to do the job and are excited at the prospect of finding work, so jump on the opportunity to work for RyanAir, this is why it is important to support this week of action, as many people as possible must be made aware of the exploitation which takes place at the hands of RyanAir, not only as a boycott would have direct financial consequences on O’leary and Bonderman, but because by getting the information out there we can inform young people who may have otherwise fell for the recruitment scam.

At times of high unemployment such as now it is also important to note that recruiting in order to terminate is also affecting government statistics, RyanAir employ large numbers of people but also dismiss huge numbers, this allows the government to add to ‘people who found work’ despite the fact that these people were unable to sustain work due to RyanAir terminating contracts.

The RyanAir policy of recruitment for termination is obviously morally wrong, and is bound to have obvious negative effects on the people affected by it, workers at RyanAir also talk of a bullying atmosphere, and how can you possibly feel that you have job security, when missing a phone call when you’re off duty can result in a termination? How can you have a good relationship with colleagues when either of you could be terminated mid-flight and left stranded literally hundreds of miles from home?

Any workers who attempt to tackle and stand against the way things are done find themselves flying all the ‘bad shifts’ or are unfairly dismissed, this is a violation of the human rights of all employees at RyanAir, how can workers organise when the consequences are so obvious, this is why it is important for us, as activists, as friends and families of employees, as previous employees and as the general public need to organise against RyanAir and support not only this week of action, but also boycott RyanAir and educate as many people as possible about the crimes against employees committed in the name of profit.

There have been a number of suicides ‘believed to be’ linked to employment conditions at RyanAir however the media are (as always) incapable of giving any real coverage of this, and countless employees and ex-employees are suffering from stress, depression and other mental health problems as a direct result of employment conditions at RyanAir.

The police, government and media are all failing to bring RyanAir to account for the actions of O’leary and Bonderman in the name of profit, support the week of action, spread the word and obviously BOYCOTT RYAN AIR.

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