18 Jan 2012

RYANAIR WEEK OF ACTION MARCH 2012...LETER TO IALPA... Irish Airline Pilots' Association

Dear Captain E Cullen,

Firstly i will introduce myself.
My name is John Foley a father of four who founded a campaign called Ryanairdontcare.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign was set up in 2008 after my 18 year old daughter was Terminated after a 7 week period as Probationary Cabin Crew.I believe and still do that recruitment for Termination after training fee's are paid, is in place at Ryanair which is responsible for not only damaging my own child but wrecking so many young peoples lives all over Europe wishing to be cabin crew....

As you are aware of the employee's struggle at Ryanair to improve working conditions and to organise.
Ryanair's employee's have substantially lower wages and the worse working conditions of any European airline as a result of Ryanair..

As you are aware employee's at Ryanair who try to organise or complain about working conditions are either Terminated or forced to leave.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are calling for a European week of action which will entail,pickets at each European airport Ryanair do business,recruitment and training facilities,public boycott plus union workers  boycott business and private travel on Ryanair.This week of action with start 12th March till 18th March 2012 to coincide with the Cheltenham Ryanair Chase which Ryanair are happy sponsoring for 280,000 Euro this year but failing to pay crew a far salary.
This week of action will send a strong message to Mr David Bonderman,Mr Michael O'Leary and Ryanair Shareholders.
I am not asking Ialpa to support Ryanairdontcare Campaign but support this week of travel boycott in support of the rights of Ryanair workers who have no voice through fear of intimidation and Termination.

Mr .................................. has agreed support of this week of action if unions were behind an initiative like this.Email below.
Time for change and please support this week of action.

Thank you for your time..Please confirm email................

Kindest regards

John Foley

Ryanairdontcare Campaign
http://www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot,com/ will publish all correspondances..

Dear John,
Thank you for your email. We are, of course, at all opposed to your proposal in principal. In our opinion, the trade union leadership should have adopted a far stronger position on the treatment of Ryanair workers by the company. From many reports and documentaries etc it is quite obvious that Ryanair treats their staff with utter contempt and disrespect.
We would however suggest contacting as many unions as possible to garner their support as it is only with a very wide-based campaign that it can have any success/effect. If the unions were behind an initiative like this we be very happy to support it. I hope this clarifies our position and we wish you the very best with your attempt to highlight a worthy cause. Happy New Year and all the best.
Kind Regards,

John said,
Letter above was sent to   Irish Airline Pilots' Association   and we wait their reply if any or travel to their office in Dublin...

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