20 Jan 2012


                                                                                      19th January 2012.
London Stock Market
London EC4M 7LS

Dear London Stock Market,

I am in contact with you today again regarding a week of action against employment issues at Ryanair Holdings Plc witch will take place from 12th March to 18th March 2012.

This week of action will entail, picket’s at all European airports Ryanair do business, recruitment and training facilities, public flying boycott and union's private and business travel will be effected.
This week of action is against Ryanair’s employment, working conditions and Ryanair’s refusal to let employees organise.
We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign feel shareholders and stock markets must be made aware of this action as this may affect share prices from going forward.

I wish to also point out that a press release RNS Number 6993v  on 17th January 2012 from the London stock market, RNS news service of the creation of 1000 jobs in 2012 by Ryanair Holdings Plc. This press release from Ryanair could be misleading, in fact hundreds of Pilots left Ryanair in 2011 which was not released on a press release from Ryanair.
Also many young probationary cabin crew are continuing to be terminated on a weekly bases. Many more of the above will continue in 2012.
Let us not forget present cabin crew at Ryanair are forced, yes forced to take 2 months unpaid leave in 2012 which is compulsory and staffing levels are deceived.
Let us not be fooled by the spin to gain a increase in share prices.

Ryanair’s projection of fleet growth from 270 to 305 aircraft in 2012 is not a true reflection of the greater numbers of passengers being carried in 2012.Up to 50 aircraft at Ryanair will not be used in 2012 but still Ryanair increase fleet. Buying aircraft from Ryanair’s business taxation, you will find this increase is offset to other companies involving leasing (to which Ryanairdontcare Campaign has details).
Staffing levels of Pilots and aircraft still can be checked with help of Pilot unions.

Enclosed is the letter to Ryanair highlighting this week of action.
Thank you for your time. All correspondences are posted on our blog.

Kindest regards
John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign.   http://www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/

John said,
Letter above sent to London Stock Market regarding Ryanair Share Spin ''CON''.

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Thanks for posting it here i hope London Stock market will read it.And you really did a very good gob for employment.