19 May 2011


Dear First Minister Mr Alex Salmond,
I saw you on Question Time last month,which i must complement you on.
I am contacting you today regarding Ryanair Training Grant.My name is John Foley from Liverpool who founded Ryanairdontcare Campaign in 2008, which deals with Termination,Recruitment,Training and Probationary Employment Contracts at Ryanair.Priority is given to young students as Probationary Cabin Crew who we believe are exploited by Ryanair for profit and in most cases,these young students are left in a different country without funds to return home.
The reason for my contact is regarding a payment or subsidy the Scottish Government gave to Ryanair for maintenance hanger at Prestwick February 2011.
I have been informed £640,000 in training grants were given to Ryanair in 2010.I feel it is important to establish,''training grant given to Ryanair''for what job training involved inside Ryanair was it given for please.
All information contact is placed on our Campaign Blog.
Thank you for your time
Kindest Regards
John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign

John Said,
We will post any reply recieved from Mr Salmond

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