18 May 2011


It has been told to our campaign Ryanairdontcare that Michael O'Leary is running scared of giving any publicity whatsoever to our Blog.
For this reason London media briefings that were once every fortnightly are ever few months as a DIRECT result of Ryanairdontcare Campaign.Questions regarding recruitment  and are campaign, asked by the media are met with ignorance from O'Leary ''the mouth'',who in the past was not so SHY....Some may think Mr O'Leary say's it how it is and many have backed down to his form of ''BULLY -BOY'' comments,NOT Ryanairdontcare Campaign.  
This makes us at Ryanairdontcare Campaign very proud of our campaign to which Mr O'Leary CEO of Ryanair repeats, is doomed to FAIL.
We call on the Media all over Europe to push the Question with regards Termination,Recruitment of Pilots and Cabin Crew,Third Party Training Companies (cabin crew)to which O'Leary himself said do cabin crew training courses for a 3,000 Euro fee,when we all know,O'Leary and Bonderman TPG capital are lining their very deep  pockets..Recruitment scamming,Termination of Crew for Profit is EXPLOITATION at 35.000ft and must stop.
We call on Mr Bonderman & Mr O'Leary to RESIGN and a fee to be paid by both, probationary cabin crew must pay so should you...

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