20 May 2011


Mia said:
Hi I decided to join Ryanair as cabin crew member. I am from The Czech Republic but past 5 years I have been living in Porto. I passed interview, payed 500e to register to training course, took loan from the bank 2500e to pay the course and almost had my papers done when I finally started to think, calculate and even if I am not the kind of person who sits all days on internet I started to look for some information bout ryanair from people who actually worked there....I discovered terrible things during the week I gave myself to thinking-this is the result of this:
Dear CAVOK administration,
I decided to suspend my candidature and further colaboration with your company.
I have been living in Porto past five years and even though there was a new base openned
in September I was placed for some reasons to the London Stansted as many other candidates.
This did not turn out to be such a problem as the shocking facts I discovered about Ryanair and
all affiliated companies including Dalmac, St,James and Cavok.
Information from newspaper articles, blogs and various Czech, English and international forums
described Ryanair´s policy as a legal yet highly abusive. The name of the company itself has a negative connotation
among the former cabin crews and to my surprise among pilots as well. I found two positive comments
from the cabin crew members among hundreds of those not very pleasant which is striking!!
After long calculation I made a decision not to undergo such a dangerous financial adventure
and stopped all the processes regarding my candidature.
I have to admit I am very sad and
dissapointed but I have not any doubts about rightness of my decision.
Yours sincerely

After they called me and in conclusion called me stupid to base my decision on some comments from internet and other people´s stories. Irresponsible? Irresponsible would be to go and join them...
Nice day to all.

John Said,
As you can see,this student was living in Porto and Ryanair opened a new base but based this student in a different country.The reason why Ryanair SCAMMERS do this is because it becomes more easy to exploit and scam these students...Out of hundreds of comments about Ryanair this student viewed,only 2 were posative.......

Message from Ryanairdontcare Campaign.......THINK BEFORE YOU JOIN ''RYANAIR'' EUROPE'S GREATEST TERMINATOR OF CABIN CREW.............

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