20 May 2011


People dont know the true extent of the cost put on probationary cabin crew.

Ill break a pay slip down for you:This is one I actually had:

Gross Pay(hourly rate and commission): £972
Tax and N.I: 137.42
Uniform deduction: 25.00
Training Fees:261.00
Take home pay:£548.58

That is the true wage of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair,not the over zelious £1000 they advertise on WFI,Stjames,Cavos or Crewlink websites! Yoy might get paid £1000 before deductions but after deductions you will not.
That doesnt even take into account, feeding yourself for a month, rent for a month, GETTING TO WORK for a month!

I've seen crew eating cheap price noodles day in and day out because they cant actually afford to eat right. I've seen crew staying in squalled dumps without heating, without TV, without anything because they cant afford to live in a decent flat!

Some crew end up selling their posessions to cash converters or jewellery to pawn brokers just so they can survive for another month, I'm not joking John, I've seen it with my own two eyes. I even admit, I've bought things that crew have sold out of desperation!

But in the end its one huge vicious cycle with crew, not enough money to look after themselves, they get run down from lack of sleep,decent food etc. They get sick, they cant work,no money comes in,its gets worse, they get sacked....Just like that...everytime without fail!

People need to know that THIS(above) is RYANAIR, when you join, there is no silver lining, its not better then some shitty job in Poland, or Hungary. It puts you in debt, you disimprove your life, you destroy it!

John said,
Comments above are from Ryanair Probationary Cabin Crew.I have changed a wording ''or life in Hungary'' to, or Hungary as a vistitor did not like this wording.


Anonymous said...

Hello my daughter left after 3 months as it was making her ill and putting me in debt. We have just had a letter from crewlink to say they have sold the debt for training over to a debt agency. Has anyone else had this happen to them, do they really do that?

Anonymous said...

Dianial Silverman is the dept company working with Ryanair who are Europe's Greatest Training Robbers of young people..


Anonymous said...

what an idiot posted that blog... First of all Crewlink or Dalmac crew is not Ryanair crew. Its agency ripping you off not Ryanair. Secondly if someone leaves still have to pay for training - thats the deal people sign for. In relation to payslip... if its agency - you get paid for what you worked. If you worked only 60h /month salary wont be great.... back to facts... If you are Ryanair crew (on contract) which means you are real cabin crew - not just a agency staff who may be not capable to work as real staff then you are paid much more. And if you are inteligent enough you can become No 1 and get additional pay. Back to main topic - in Ryanair (as Ryanair staff not agency idiot) you can get at least 2k/month - those are pure facts.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the Anonymous Idiot post above,
1,Crewlink Ireland Ltd,Workforce International Ltd and StJames Management Services Ltd ARE Ryanair..
2,These so called agent are opened to keep all exploitation and Termination away from Ryanair
3,If Probationary Cabin Crew at Ryanair leave or are Terminated,they should not need to pay for training,as training is done by Ryanair not agents.Live The High Life in all adverts on Ryanair recruitment,promise a good job,good salary,Ryanair contract, which is a lie..Fake wording for a sham Probationary Cabin Crew contract at Ryanair...
4,So called agents set up by Ryanair'workfore-crewlink,BILL Ryanair up to double the hourly rate of pay for all Probationary Cabin Crew which is up to 4000....Many Probationary Cabin Crew do work only 60 hours a month..I am not interested in contracted Ryanair cc contracts.
5, You say ''real cabin crew''all cabin crew on board are REAL.....2s,3s and 4s are the most exploited by Ryanair and some No 1s are bullies on board towards Probationary Cabin Crew...
6, You talk about 2k/Month as Ryanair contacted cc,you fail to mention 3 months unpaid leave you must take 'RIGHT'.
As for back to main topic......Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew 'NOT' Ryanair Contracted Cabin Crew is the main issue on this blog RyanairDontCare Campaign who are world's No1 activist against Ryanair who are EUROPE'S GREATEST TRAINING ROBBERS OF YOUNG PEOPLE ALL OVER EUROPE....
Thank you for your comment.
john foley

Anonymous said...

You're showing again lack of inteligence and still dont understand:
Re your points :
1) Please check Irish company register Crewlink is not Ryanair
2) Agents are to ease FR job and to save costs of administration... its called outsourcing if you know what that means
3) Were you a crew? Can you read? please read what contract you signed and agreed on. Of you cant read or understand properly - your problem. Noone wants to pay for incapable staff or not reliable people
4) Yes they bill higher rate but whats the point? Are they charity? back to my previous post - show up you are good ant you may get paid directly... unless you are good enough what is doubtful
5) 4s 3s 2s can also be on FR contract. If 1's bully there are procedures to demote them
6) WRONG - you dont need to take 3m unpaid - who told you such b/s
Re MAIN POINT - Probationary word is critical here... find me any rational company who take directly for permanent contract without checking if candidate is good enough to keep. and Probationary crew in theory can read and understand written contracts... have you read yours? why you signed that if you disagreed? or you failed to understand?
And back to training ... check other airlines - you either pay for training or you sign warranty that you wont leave company or if you leave within specific time you are charged. Trainings are not free and if you had one you should know what kind of important stuff is there. Go to IATA and as for free course... they will have good laugh at you...
If you want to discuss further please use facts and confirm if you read all documents prior joining ryanair and got proper IQ level to understand that

Anonymous said...

BTW - do you have anything agaist Polish or Hungarian? why you call polish jobs shity ones? is it better to live irish/british life - go to social welfare for funds to spend on drinking and smoking?

Anonymous said...

Above comment.
The words are from Ryanair Cabin Crew and they are pointing out,a bad job in Poland is the same as working for Ryanair....
As for me the author of RyanairDontCare Campaign,nothing against any European people exept that is,O'leary and his scammers.
I have just looked at it,and the wording 'life in Hungary' will be changed.
Thanks for your comment
john foley

Anonymous said...

BTW Check our polish blog


john foley

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4 November 2011 14:56,

Firstly Intelligence has 2 Ls,i do not work for Ryanair...Please use your own IQ to understand who i am...

1,Do not accuse Probationary Cabin Crew of lack of IQ regarding contract signed as they are the victims of Recruitment for Termination at Ryanair...

2, Lack of Intelligence you say,do you understand the meaning of exploitation ?.

3,A company that is registered to a person may not mean they own it.Any company can use any name as owner as long as it is a real person.Ryanair use this practise.

4, Agents at Ryanair are not to ease FR job and administration costs....Outsourcing to a third party i do understand but i think your showing your lack of understanding regarding RYANAIR Outsourcing...Outsourcing to cut costs,Outsourcing Ryanair's way is not to cut costs but to exploit so many..Let me put it simple for readers to understand....Why would Ryanair a budget airline pay a third party which was not connected to Ryanair more that double the hourly rate of flight pay to Probationary cabin crew and Pilots? Even though this same low cost budget airline Ryanair do not feed their cc or even supply a simple cup of coffee to the captain on a Ryanair flight..Yes you might say to cut cost,even though i do not agree,why pay a so called Agent twice the hourly rate on Probationary Cabin Crew flight pay,costs should be cut here unless the majority of this payment from Ryanair to a third party is in Bonderman and O'Leary's pocket...Also easyjet feed their crew...

5, Can i read 'NO'.

6,Incapable staff you say,i think you mean Incapable Management..The crew make the company not the company make the crew...

7,I do not work for Ryanair so i have no payment from them.Maybe i could ask o'leary next time i protest outside head office,for payment or just a coffee...

8,Your 5th question, i wish it was very true but it is not...Give me a % of 4s 3s 2s on a Ryanair Contract.I would hope procedures were in place for bullying of Crew, just need one in place for Management Bullying...

9,Unpaid leave is being sold by Ryanair, so please do not come on this blog to LIE.

10,Good enough,yes in all work places a % are not suitable for the company but not the highest % of TERMINATION rate in aviation at Ryanair, something not right...''recruitment for termination''

11,Let us use Easyjet as an example,Training free not 3000 Euro as charged by Ryanair.Accommodation of 700 Euro for 6 weeks at Ryanair,Easyjet 200 Euro...6 months you must stay or pay to leave easyjet but work related issues not profit relate as it is at Ryanair.

Respect and Dignity to crew is not hard,that is why Ryanair are Europe's Greatest Anti Union Airline,Exploitation would not be able to happen in such a big way as in Ryanair.

Why do you think so many professional Ryanair Pilots have left in 2011.No need to say anymore.

Thank you for your comment.

john foley

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Ryanair cutting hourly rate of pay by 30%