19 May 2011

RYANAIR'S McNAMARA ''SCAM ARTISTS'' "The pot calling the kettle black" RYANAIR..

It amazes me that Ryanair's McNamara ''the puppet'' used the word ''SCAM ARTISTS'' to explain a scam over the internet which involves,winning a car.
Any scam to gain money (PROFIT) is a crime and Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to draw Mr McNamara,s attention to the actions of Ryanair to their own CREW,who are exploited each and every day for PROFIT by Ryanair.
Pilots and Cabin Crews misfortune is investing training fees,many hours worked,not paid at the hands of Ryanair.....(probationary ryanair cabin crew only get paid once air born) ie,they might work 8 hours in one day,fly 5 hours and only get paid for 5 hours....

John Said,
Ryanair HATE anybody making money out of them if they are not invloved...This is the real reason for contacting the authorities............SHAME ON YOU Bonderman TPG capital  and O'Leary...
Article here.... http://www.ryanair.com/en/news/ryanair-warns-about-car-promo-email-scam 

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Anonymous said...

Stephen McNamara tel +353-1-8121212 Spin after Spin, Lie after Lie.