20 May 2011


John Said
Below is the spin from Ryanair with regards DAA and Mr Dilger,which i will explain in simple terms..

Resignation of DAA Chairman welcomed


Ryanair today (13th May) welcomed the resignation of the Chairman of the DAA Airport Monopoly David Dilger. Mr Dilger, has presided over the waste of €1.2bn on Dublin Airport’s unnecessary T2 white elephant and record traffic collapses at Cork, Dublin, and Shannon Airports from 30m passengers in 2008 to just over 20m in 2010.

Ryanair also called today for the rest of the failed Board of the DAA Airport Monopoly to resign given their responsibility for the traffic collapse and losses at the DAA’s three airports over the past three years. These resignations should include DAA ‘Fat Cat’ Boss, Declan Collier, who was paid over €600,000 in 2010 despite record traffic losses and financial losses, while also receiving some €40,000 as a ‘public interest’ Director of AIB.

A spokesman for Ryanair said:

“Mr Dilger will be no loss to Irish tourism, and the sooner the rest of the failed DAA Board resign, and are replaced with people committed to traffic and tourism growth rather than building white elephant facilities, the better it will be for Irish aviation, tourism and jobs.”


Ryanairdontcare Campaign Said,
Terminal 2 which provides 19 air bridges for aircraft and is capable of handling 15 million passengers annually, thereby allowing the airport to handle 35 million passengers a year is a great thought from the DAA for the future of Irish travelers and visitors. At peak, up to 2,000 construction workers have been employed to built terminal 2 which are REAL jobs''RYANAIR''.Real people have had real jobs not like ''FAKE'' jobs at Ryanair.
Ryanair are not happy as they lobbied for Terminal 2 to be built as a low-cost facility, and run by a competing operator,meaning ''RYANAIR''.
Ryanair wanted  Aer Lingus plus Terminal 2 at Dublin airport which would have given Ryanair the power to hold IRISH passengers to ransom,ABUSING more young students and gaining more profit for O'Leary and his mob.Being critical of Mr Dilger of the DAA is the only way  Mr O'Leary shows his anger,you can not  get you own way all the time ''MCHAEL'' but thank god the DAA are a greater force than Ryanair.
Dublin airport terminal 2 is a great terminal and a credit to the DAA and workers who built this Terminal,with real jobs for real people and may the Terminal prosper greatly in the future.
Ryanair said,'' Declan Collier   receiving some €40,000 as a ‘public interest’ Director of AIB''. Can Ryanairdontcare Campaign point out Ryanair scammers  David Bonderman and O'Leary received many Probationary Cabin Crew training loans from the AIB,which put students in dept after TERMINATION,''Which Ryanair are the highest TERMINATOR in Europe'', until Ryanairdontcare Campaign pointed this out to the AIB and The financial Ombudsman in 2010. and these loan payments were stopped as a direct result of our Campaign...............
Now a deposit of 1000 Euro and 2000 Euro taken from your salary, is the new way forward for Ryanair to gain from Training and Recruitment and TERMINATION of Probationary Cabin Crew...Once students start working on Ryanair aircraft,the first 2 days of flying  are un paid.....''How many unpaid days did the DAA pay for the building of terminal 2,MR O'Leary...........NONE..............''
Shareholders and Board Members are guilty of abusing so many young students all over EUROPE...

JUSTICE WILL COME VERY SOON........................

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