16 May 2011


Letter below was posted on 15th March 2011 to the IAA,CAA and on our ryanairdontcare blog which was closed by google on 13th May 2011 as a direct result of posts posted about BOEING.

Today we recieved a reply from the IAA which will be the next post.Even though it took 8 weeks to reply,we do hope the IAA treat the safety issues at Ryanair much quicker...Ryanair Passengers and Crew must be a priority to the IAA as Ryanair do show a lack of interest unless it involves PROFIT...Boeing have also been sent a copy of this letter below,still no reply off BOEING but we had our BLOG closed down after our contact with Boeing on 11th May 2011.
View the Ryanair safety leaks with photos here... http://www.irishaviationauthority.com/ryanairleaks_safety_.html


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Dear,Ms Anne Nolan - Pat Carey

Civil Aviation Authority/Irish Aviation Authority,

My name is John Foley who has set up a ryanairdontcare campaign that deals with issues in relation to cabin crew at ryanair.

I am writing to you today with regards safety issues on board each and every flight at Ryanair,to which passengers and crew are put in danger as a direct result of Ryanair putting PROFIT before safety.

Many issues have been brought to our attention by present cabin crew at ryanair,who have raised these issues time and time again with ryanair management,who do nothing to make the work place a safer place.These are words used by present crew at ryanair, ( sooner or later we will have someone badly injured by working under these conditions,or worse killed as a result of ryanairs unsafe work practices that they force on crew).This comment from present ryanair cabin crew,is quite chilling and you must act and act 'NOW'.

.With reference to Rubbish of board each ryanair flight,these large un fire safe black bin bags) are not fire proof and in the event of a fire could endanger life of passengers and crew.4 bins on board each aircraft are sealed as ryanair tell crew,security checks (of these bins) take to long,for turn arounds.

As you will know Boeing regulations state,ALL CARTS or NO CARTS must be installed for taxi,take-off,turbulence and landing.With Ryanair taking one cart away (other cart could become loose) ,safety of crew and passengers are at a high level of risk,(Which could involve a death on board a ryanair flight),Also the wheelchair behind the empty cart is free to come loose,yet again danger to crew and passengers on board each flight.

As you can see from the ryanair memo dated 17th February 2011 regarding carts,these have been put in place by ryanair management NOW.Both the IAA and CAA talk about driving continous improvements in aviation in (includes safety and security) UK and Europe which i have now doubt is your aim,but the lack of respect from ryanair with regards these improvement ''will show'' ryanair's doing their own things that suit their shareholders over safety and security and lack of respect not only to passengers but Pilots and Cabin Crew at Ryanair..

This letter will be posted on our ryanairdontcare blog,IAA website and also sent to BALPA and IALPA to confirm the CAA and IAA were informed.We at ryanairdontcare campaign wait your reply.

Enclosed in this letter is photo proof of these issues.

Yours sincerely
John Foley


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